Friday, May 27, 2011

What the heck self?

I have :

1 personal reflection due
1 team reflection due
A massive assignment due on the 3rd of June ( which I'm pretty sure of which we're only 70% through).

And 8 exams coming up, starting from the 11th of June through to the 24th. 

So WHY am I drawing so much!? 

done on the 26th of May (roughly)

On the 27th of May 6-8 pm

Freaking 27th of May from 10 pm - 12 am

I think it's a compulsive thing. Not that I entirely mind considering that I'm seeing an interesting shift in styles. So it's not static, the way I'm approaching this whole
business of fanart. Now I have to tackle something other than the obvious frontal view pin-up perspective.

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