Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Commission (s)!

I think that looks quite classy indeed. =)

I recently had the opportunity to design a logo for the brother of a friend's fledgling restaurant booking site. In addition to that, I finally finished a tattoo for a friend ( not the tattooing itself, keep me away from the needles!). I think I'm onto something here. xD

The progress in situ below~

An artsy angle.


The owl is watching you  

I am so in debt to S.Hylton for given me a marvelous set of Derwent sketching pencils, even though I only ever use ONE type ( 0.5 mechanical pencils ftw!).

More on the logo :

The 'modern' version

Typography is awesome.

I've got a few other mini-projects lined up later on for the year methinks, one being a flyer for MJLAnime's Supanova booth in November and the other being a few illustrations for Maron Media's Anime Angels artbook by December. And I gotta squeeze in GAMSAT prep, uni work and a summer internship in between!? Yowzah!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Synthesizer ☆!

Just as the title says.

MMDs, specifically, Hetalia ones.

And Santa Rose is making me want to try out this moe moe style instead of my usual proportional shoujo style. God I can't wait for the anthology to arrive!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Malaysia! Malaysia!

Well, recapping is boring. But lists aren't!


- airplane nasi lemak : 4.30 am Australian time
- dim sum breakfast ( juicy pai kwat (?), golden buns with salted egg yolk custard and lotus bean paste buns)  6.45 am Malaysian time
- Amazing fish balls ( tender, springy!) noodle soup with fried fish ball pancake ( again, tender, springy but with a delicate crispy crust) : 2 pm
- Lots of durian, mangosteen and rambutans : 3 pm.

I haven't even gotten to dinner yet. xD

Sang har meen with fresh water prawns! Deep fried silver bait, 5 spice deep fried chicken feet, cute yam puree balls encased in flaky pastry.
I have also :

Finished my stationary shopping list + Most of my art supplies
Gotten 2 new pairs of glasses and a pair of Raybans
Had my hair trimmed at Kimarie @ PJ. Its so soft and neat~~~~

Will be meeting up with people during the coming week! I can only hope that I don't stick out like a sore thumb with my Westernized shyness and oddly accented American/Australian accent. Oh dear.