Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Commission (s)!

I think that looks quite classy indeed. =)

I recently had the opportunity to design a logo for the brother of a friend's fledgling restaurant booking site. In addition to that, I finally finished a tattoo for a friend ( not the tattooing itself, keep me away from the needles!). I think I'm onto something here. xD

The progress in situ below~

An artsy angle.


The owl is watching you  

I am so in debt to S.Hylton for given me a marvelous set of Derwent sketching pencils, even though I only ever use ONE type ( 0.5 mechanical pencils ftw!).

More on the logo :

The 'modern' version

Typography is awesome.

I've got a few other mini-projects lined up later on for the year methinks, one being a flyer for MJLAnime's Supanova booth in November and the other being a few illustrations for Maron Media's Anime Angels artbook by December. And I gotta squeeze in GAMSAT prep, uni work and a summer internship in between!? Yowzah!