Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inauguration Post

Officially, this is my first venture into the world of blogger/blogspot etc etc ( although I've had an LJ account for a while) ;D.

Again, I suppose this is a place to ramble? They say blogging is a tonic to one's soul.
Currently I am finding it very hard to sit down and finish my damned ICAS external assessments, there is only so much you can read about chocolate before you get sick of it!!! Nevertheless, it is 10.57 pm and it would be terrible if all I've done this entire weekend is watch QI, Top Gear and play Tetris Battle. Besides, blogs shouldn't be long, massive pages of sprawling text. Gotta keep it short and simple sometimes! I wish I could afford to be worrying about something other than exams though, like what I'm going to have for lunch tomorrow. Hmmmm.  

Maybe I can finally cultivate a regular blogging routine. Hey, it'd be nice to actually do something continuously~