Saturday, July 16, 2011

Malaysia! Malaysia!

Well, recapping is boring. But lists aren't!


- airplane nasi lemak : 4.30 am Australian time
- dim sum breakfast ( juicy pai kwat (?), golden buns with salted egg yolk custard and lotus bean paste buns)  6.45 am Malaysian time
- Amazing fish balls ( tender, springy!) noodle soup with fried fish ball pancake ( again, tender, springy but with a delicate crispy crust) : 2 pm
- Lots of durian, mangosteen and rambutans : 3 pm.

I haven't even gotten to dinner yet. xD

Sang har meen with fresh water prawns! Deep fried silver bait, 5 spice deep fried chicken feet, cute yam puree balls encased in flaky pastry.
I have also :

Finished my stationary shopping list + Most of my art supplies
Gotten 2 new pairs of glasses and a pair of Raybans
Had my hair trimmed at Kimarie @ PJ. Its so soft and neat~~~~

Will be meeting up with people during the coming week! I can only hope that I don't stick out like a sore thumb with my Westernized shyness and oddly accented American/Australian accent. Oh dear.

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