Thursday, May 19, 2011

I wanna be an artist!

 Random ramblings, sigh.

Now, it's probably not a secret that I really love to draw; probably not a secret that I love Hetalia and many, many other anime/manga series before that. I can safely say that my drawing style, stylistically and content-wise has definitely been influenced by anime ( even though I would love to be able to draw realistically!)

Kinda feel like how he's looking right now
People have oft asked me, " Why aren't you doing art!" " You should do art for a living!". Well that's true and all, but I'm not and for very good reason, but I'll still continue drawing no matter what. That being said, I do get jealous seeing friends on Facebook posting up their newest art projects/assignments and just reveling in the life of a proper art student. 

Yes I want to do what they're doing, Yes I wish I could be in their shoes, No, I don't want to abandon my current course. I think I'm consoling myself by thinking that I can draw better than they do even without the art training! Still, there is only so far you can go with self taught tips and tricks. And many of the best artists out there have received some form of formal training too ( ha! I'll be snobby about that).

Fanart has definitely given my art a boost, since I'm constantly trying to indulge myself with the fangirling nature of it, but really, in comparison to many others, I should think that it has creatively stunted me as well. Both a blessing and a curse really.

But no matter how much I try, no matter how many different ways/positions/angles I draw England, Japan and America I don't think I'll be able to catch up with them at the rate they're speedily improving, and for that I'm a veritable green-eyed, spoiled, sulky brat. 

Yes I have a bad personality.
... doesn't mean I'll stop drawing though =p.

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