Monday, May 16, 2011

So I had a dream

I had the most amazing dream last night.

It started off as wackily as dreams tend to do: warped versions of reality in my case. But by the end of it, it turned into something pretty special. The best way I can describe it - utter love. As cheesy as it might sound, it totally rings true.

Being hugged at the waist (imagine spooning, haha) by the one you want to spend your life with, and being asked so timidly, yet so boldly, ' will you spend your life with me?'. How do you respond?

You can feel the desperation in his voice as he grips your waist tighter (so tightly his nose is pressed into the crook of your neck and feel his lips forming the shape of the letters) and his left hand intertwined with yours. There is a ring on your (his?) ring finger, but it's fuzzy and indistinct. 

Maybe it's the uncertainty at the impermanence of this feeling- ' how long will it last?', or you're so overwhelmed by his body warmth, his voiced desperation as this person, whom you love so, so very much asks you that question over, and over again that you start to burst into tears.

-end scene-

Really, I need to stop watching sappy videos. 

That being said, I think love is an addictive feeling, not that I would know ;).

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